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Francis Krauss

Francis Krauss is a visual artist based in Stavanger, Norway. In 2021 she graduated from the art school in Stavanger (Kunstkole i Stavanger) and is pursuing her Bachelor's degree in art history at the University in Tromsø. Francis has a vast area of interest with a focus on painting. Through her art, she wants to create an invitational space to observe and associate. Individual and collective experiences inspire her artistic research. Since 2019 Francis has co-curated and exhibited in group exhibitions. She also has been working on commissions and being part of group performances.

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Martine Rubin Wollan

Martine Rubin Wollan is a freelance performing dance artist based in Stavanger. She holds a bachelor's degree in contemporary dance from the University of Stavanger. Martine dances in various projects with the company dybwikdans. Performing arts and dance for children are a significant part of Martine's work, and she is, among other things, a certified ContaKids instructor. Additionally, Martine substitutes at several dance schools such as Stavanger Kulturskole and Steps. Martine is involved in various projects that are in the developmental phase, such as 'How To Arrive After Landing.' She is engaged with KRA and is on the board of DansiS. In 2024, Martine is part of Spire, RAS and Tou's specialisation and mentorship program. Martine's dance art reflects her enthusiasm for dance and play with children, as well as her curiosity about the body, mind, and art in relation to contemporary society.

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Elisabet Midtbø

Elisabet is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, writer and composer. They are currently interested in and exploring genuine expression and storytelling through music, particularly as a disabled artist. Elisabet has studied Norwegian traditional folk music and is particularly interested in the music of the Rogaland Region. However, they also like to bring elements such as loose rhythms and the microtonality of the tradition into more contemporary works with a darker expressionistic twist.

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Alexander Montgomery-Andersen

Alexander is an Arctic artist from the Greenlandic diaspora. In 2011 Alexander finished at Bårdar Dance Academy, with a dance major. Alexander has since taken part in many various productions and projects as a freelance artist. Alexander has in recent years worked with choreographers and companies such as AVIAJA Dance, Yggdrasil Dance Company, Antero Hein and Bobbi Lo Produktion. Most of his career Alexander has worked with inter-Nordic collaborations. Alexander also produces and choreographs his own work, debuting his first full stage piece in 2015 called IdentiD. His most recent production, Dualism, premiered in 2023 at Regional Arena for Samtidsdans (RAS) in Norway.

In recent years, Alexander's personal artistic work has focused a lot on the exploration of the body's physical limitations and how this can correlate with esthetics and evoke emotional responses with the audience. Often in correlation to both nature and people.

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Olaf Leiros Galicki

Olaf is an actor, theater maker, and performance artist based in Stavanger. His work explores a physical theater expression, psychophysical acting technique, grotesque gestures, humour, and poetic forms of expression in order to challenge the audience to think critically and arrive at moments of realization and emotional purification through a focus on creating liminal phases, that is, a focus on transformation, and therefore a view of theater as ritual.

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Khaled Habeeb

Khaled Habeeb (1991) is an oud soloist and composer from Syria, based in Stavanger and living in Norway since 2015. He has been a multiple-time guest musician with SSO and TSO in addition to participating in many concerts and festivals in Norway. He has been interested in Norwegian folk music and the fusion of its elements with traditional Arabic and middle eastern music. His new project with John Derek Bishop (live sampling) aims to combine Arabic and electronic music elements in a modern and experimental context.

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Madelaine Gordon Graadahl 

Raised in a household with traditional crafts and theater, Madelaine's upbringing was shaped by the artistry of her mother and her grandmother's magical stories of ancestors and creatures. Many evenings spent on the floor of the weaving house, surrounded by rhythmically beating looms, she absorbed the rich tapestry of cultural heritage, music and storytelling.


Madelaine has weaved her career in several fields, and today works as a dancer, storyteller, director, and traditional craftswoman. She produces stage performances inspired by storytelling, nature, myths and magic. She plays with social norms, animistic philosophies and wants the art to leave a thought-provoking footprint.


Madelaine also produces objects from wood, bones or weaving where the symbolism is rooted in the Norse spiritual universe. The material she works with is authentic and slowly processed.


In recent years, she has been active in organizational development and competence-enhancing initiatives in the field of art and culture.


Among other things, Madelaine is co-owner and manager of the local initiative Spiren Scene, co-owner and creative artist at the local company, MYR Scenekunst and freelance producer for the local performing arts field in Stavanger.

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Leo X. Robertson

Leo X. Robertson is a Scottish process engineer, writer, and filmmaker. As a writer, his work has featured in Best of British Science Fiction, Year’s Best Hardcore Horror and Flame Tree Publishing’s Urban Crime anthology. His films have premiered at festivals like Dead Northern and Horrific Hope and won awards such as "Best International Feature Film" and "Best Smartphone Film." Most recently, he has added "stand-up comedy" to the list of activities he performs which inspire  condescending accusations of being an unserious, unprofessional hobbyist.

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Rosa Steen Eri

Rosa Steen Eri is a dance artist from Stavanger. She has been active in the dance field in Oslo since 2010, and moved back to Stavanger in 2020. Since 2016 she has been a co-organizer of Spleis at Scenehuset in Oslo, and in 2022 she extended the initiative to Stavanger with Siddispleis together with three dance artists. She has her education from the School of Contemporary Dance in Oslo. 

Rosa is working with the performing art project "Avvik" and the performance initiative "Mundane variasjoner". She is interested in expanding the traditional relationship between performer and audience, and in bringing new aesthetic expressions into unusual situations. 


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Leo Ribeiro

Leo Ribeiro (1975) er en illustratør og animatør fra Brasil, bosatt i Stavanger siden 2018. Han har en doktorgrad i design fra Pontifícia Universidade Católica, Rio de Janeiro, i tillegg til en bachelorgrad i arkitektur og urbanisme fra Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, Brasil. Han har produsert flere uavhengige animasjonskortfilmer i Brasil, og hans arbeid har blitt publisert i flere tegneseriefanziner, som Batmacumba (BR) og Bare Snabel (NO). 


Han jobber nå med å etablere et profesjonelt virke som illustratør og tegneserieskaper i Norge. Her har han produsert flere kunstuttrykk inspirert av Stavanger by, som har blitt godt mottatt av publikum. Han har samarbeidet med flere kulturprodusenter fra Stavanger som KRA - Kunst Rom Arbeid (hvor han har sitt studio), Munkehagen Festival, Undsowater, Grafill og Trompet Forlag. Han er optimistisk med tanke på fremtiden i Norge, og tror han har mye å bidra med til den lokale scenen og ikke minst kulturutvekslingen mellom Norge og Brasil. 

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Ingvild Maria Thingnes

Ingvild Maria Thingnes (1996) is a dance artist based in Stavanger. Ingvild has a broad field of interest for different ways of working with and for art, and is particularly interested in different forms of artistic co-creation and collaboration. She is part of the performance collective Kunstgrillen and a dancer in Hagit Yakira Dance company, as well as working as a producer, mediator and cultural worker. In 2020 she co-founded the multidisciplinary co-working space KRA - Kunst Rom Arbeid in Stavanger, and is currently running the space together with Eduardo Scaramuzza. She is a board member of DansiS (2021 - ) and KRA (2020 - ). 


Ingvild has her dance education from the University of Stavanger/FUK (2018), Escola Superior de Danca (2017) and Vertigo International Dance Program (2019).

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Anna Elise Sørdal Klungre

Anna Klungre is a vocalist, pianist and composer currently based in Stavanger. She completed her bachelor’s degree in jazz vocals in 2020 and has since been working freelance as a musician and composer. In her music she explores the voice as an instrument and plays around with different ways of using the voice, both in composed and improvised music.

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Šárka Benedová

Šárka Benedová is a Czech performer based in Norway with a focus on contemporary dance and saxophone - as separate entities as well as fluid partners in expression. Most of her projects are placed in public space and stimulate audience engagement. Her professional background comes from the Musik und Kunst Universität der Stadt Wien (AT), Escola Superior de Danca (PT) and University of Stavanger (NO). Šárka also works as a producer and has been affiliated with RIMI/IMIR scenekunst platform in Stavanger since 2021.

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Viljar Irtun Moe

Viljar Irtun Moe (1997) is a dance artist based in Stavanger.  He is currently creating and performing work in Norway and Denmark.   His practice focuses on contemporary dance, floor work, partnering and contact improvisation. His art combines strong physicality with a focus on presence and personal expression from a queer perspective. He is passionate about creating art that is accessible to a broad audience and is especially interested in interdisciplinary collaborations.    


Viljar holds a bachelors degree in dance from the University of Stavanger and a Certificate of Higher Education in dance from Trinity Laban Conservatoire.

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Eduardo Scaramuzza

Eduardo Scaramuzza is a multi-artist who explores various genres of art, including composing, performing, photography, and cultural work.  Their artistic research focuses on co-creation and community building. Eduardo holds a Bachelor's degree in Classical Music from Brazil and a Master's in Jazz and Improvisation from UiS in Norway. They have been collaborating with dance and theatre since 2013. With their diverse experience, Scaramuzza has founded and led several projects that support artists, such as KRA, Yellow Sessions Stavanger, and Ta Kagunda Project.

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Haavard Hvidsten

Haavard Hvidsten from Stavanger is a Norwegian artist and teacher with more than 20 years of experience juggling, focusing on technical and intricate ways of throwing and catching.  Since 2008 he has worked professionally as an artist, and through his own company and Flaks, he has performed and given workshops at hundreds of events both locally, nationally and internationally. Haavard has been a part of DKS (Den Kulturelle Skolesekken) since 2018.


Haavard has a teacher education from NTNU and has worked as a regular teacher in a primary school, as a circus teacher in the cultural schools of Trondheim, Melhus and Karmøy, and as a guest teacher at AMoC circus school in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Julian Sæther

Julian Sæther juggled for 15 years before he moved to France in 2015 to pursue his career as a circus artist and juggler. In Paris he graduated from the circus university L’Academie Fratellini and holds a Bachelor in Circus and Theatre arts. After performing in various shows and acts all over the world he moved back to Norway in the fall of 2020 to take part in Flaks juggling group in Stavanger. Julian absolutely loves a challenge and is searching to learn new skills and collaborate with artists from all kinds of art forms.

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Live Skullerud

Live Skullerud holds a BA in performative dance from the University of Stavanger, graduating in 2018. She is currently creating and performing with various independent projects of her own and by others, working amongst others with Hagit Yakira Dance and Panta Rei Danseteater. In 2020, Live was the first participator in SPIRE, a mentoring program for young dance artists, led by TOU and RAS. 


Live is enthusiastic about creating and performing work that can make dance more accessible for a diverse audience. Shifting between the realms of personal and universal, her own work aims to create playful and poetic dance experiences conveying ideas of identity and human interaction.

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Børre Isac L'orange

Børre Isac L’orange is a juggler currently based in Stavanger. He has juggled since 2010 and worked as a professional juggler since 2013. Through juggling he has performed at different circus festivals internationally and worked with many different circus artists with various circus disciplines. Børre Isac applies improvisation as a method to further develop his form of expression, his recent work with juggling is focused on how the individual person relates to the act of juggling.


Emile Veen Nesse

Emile went to Kunstskolen i Rogaland. Working mainly with drawing and painting, to create abstract and expressionistic works, often through intuitive and aleatoric methods.

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