The main room is the first to meet you and is the largest room. This is furnished with comfortable furniture - sofas, tables, chairs and armchairs - in different seating areas. 

The kitchen has a sink, refrigerator, microwave, coffee machine (moccamaster) and two cooktops (suitable for simple cooking) . 

KRA offers an alternative rental space from the standard hotel conference room.  A place that is driven by artists and creative people who aim the respect, collaboration and freedom. Our team can support with logistics, artistic/cultural activities and new ideas to break extra formalities.


Located next to Badedammen

Grocery Store - 170m

1 Private Parking

Public Transport - 400m

Approximately 280 m²

Large Common Room

4 Smaller offices 

2 WC


Flexible hosts

Weekends (mainly)

NOK 2000 per day 


KRA (Kunst Rom Arbeid) is approximately 280 square meters, is located close to Badedammen and is full of opportunities. The place is usually run as an artistic work community for artists, dancers and musicians. Get in touch if you want to combine your event with a workshop for children or adults, a concert, performance or similar - we have many performers in the house who take assignments (price agreed). The room is located on the third floor and has a lift up. There are two toilets, a small kitchen, two large rooms and four / five smaller rooms. There are windows between all the rooms and high under the ceiling with sloping windows that let in a lot of sunlight.

At the end of the main room are three smaller rooms with a beautiful view of the sea. There are windows and doors between all the rooms. Next to the main room is also approx. 40 square meters large room that is now used as a dance hall. There are large windows towards the main room and beautiful sloping skylights that provide good daylight.


The room can be furnished, or used as it is - perfect for children's play, dancing or living room. At the other end of the main room is a smaller square room, also with windows facing the main room. We often use this room to darken for movie screenings with a projector. Get in touch if you want to borrow / rent a projector. The room can otherwise be opened to the main room with a double door, or used exactly as desired. In addition to this we have two toilets, a bucket and a small kitchen. One toilet is large enough to function as a handicap toilet.

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