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Are you interested in applying for a residency at KRA?

The goal of these residencies is to open up for exchange and collaboration between artists, genres and cities. During your stay at KRA you will be in an open environment, working alongside other artists at the house. You will be given private access to the dance studio (or other room you need) for up to 6 hours per day. Other time slots will remain open for members to book. Except for the delegated studio time, you’re welcome to stay at KRA and work in the shared spaces for as long as you wish. 

We can also accommodate for residencies for visual artists (get in touch for details).

We believe that working around other artists can be of great value, and enjoy sharing our workspace with other Stavanger-based artists as well as residency visitors. Therefore there will most likely be other people in the space while you work, even if you have one of the rooms for yourself. We're not offering full-time residencies or complete privacy (for now). If this is something your project requires, we recommend getting in touch with other arenas, such as TOU or RAS, which also offer residencies for performing arts in Stavanger/Sandnes. 


We will encourage you to share something from your process with the community at KRA during your stay, through an open session, presentation, exhibition, performance, talk, workshop or other format of choice. 

Unfortunately we can not cover accommodation or expenses related to your residency at this time. 

How to apply? 

Send an email to describing shortly what you are working on, what kind of facilities you need and when, and why KRA seems like a good space for you to work.  Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. 


How do we select? 

If getting more applicants than we can accommodate for, the board will be part of the selection process. We will prioritise projects based on its relevance for the space (and vice versa), as well as highlighting newly established artists, collaborative work methods and diversity in cultural backgrounds, genders, art fields and methods. 


Anna-Lise Marie Hearn (she/her) is a British-Norwegian dance artist based in Oslo, Norway. She works across the dance sector as a choreographer, movement director, dance educator, artist coach, and choreographic coach. Working with dance and movement, she creates experiences and spaces that allow for transformation, vulnerability, and connection.

Anna-Lise hosted a workshop for professional dance artists and movement-based practitioners during her residency at KRA in November 2023.

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