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Why is kra important?" 

I thought at first to answer with a biographical purpose, following my own history and why this place gave me hope and creative stimulation. But then some days went fast by and I just kept this thought in the back of my head, to let it form its self with no restrictions. I thought about everyone else, the ones that don't know about Kra, the ones whose lives just randomly kept them away from getting to know these people and this place. 

I think about them because I think they are the ones who could find in kra something revolutionary. 

Kra is fluid.

And this makes it beautifully free. 

But the thing is, freedom its self is not intrinsic in the organisation, kra is free because it gives place and a possibility to everyone who's curious, has ideas but no tools or contacts, wants to speak to the public but has no microphones or ideas how to do it. It's free because people reach it's rooms to find freedom. Kra is continuously changing, into the different definitions of everyone who enters its process. It is, of course, the right place to find people to encourage trust and respect in your project, anyway... if it's at the start phase and has no words and if it's proudly defined.

It's the place to be for change, within yourself and outside, starting from your starting point... You choose, kra listens.

Aurora Maria Pambianchi Øvrelid


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