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KRA - Kunst Rom Arbeid is an open workspace and a community of newly established artists - in Stavanger. Located in Badedammen, we aim to provide a workspace for local artists, ignite creative processes and expand knowledge and skills within the creative community. 

KRA originated from a need to gather the artistic community in Stavanger and to give graduates and newly established artists a sense of affiliation to the city and the local artistic community. As freelance artists, most of us lack the social and professional advantages of an artistic collegiate. By gathering artists from different disciplines in the same workspace, we aim to encourage interdisciplinary collaborations, research and idea development in a safe and supportive environment. We want to highlight open processes and legitimize the continuous work proceeding or surrounding the finished works normally presented to the public.

KRA is run by  Eduardo Scaramuzza and Ingvild Maria Thingnes. 

Financially supported by Stavanger Kommune, Rogaland Fylkeskommune,Tou Scene, members, contributors and volunteers.


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