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KRA explained by the artists in our community:

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Anna Elise Sørdal Klungre


"As a newly established musician and artist it can be hard building a network and also just having a place to work! That is why I believe KRA is so important for the artistic community in Stavanger, making it easier for new and young artists to get a broader network and in that way making the artistic field in Stavanger bigger and more exciting."

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Hanne Jensen


"Kra is an amazing offer for artists that need some security. It provides a place to keep our art alive and a wide support network of different artists. Run by amazing hosts that are flexible to meet our needs!"

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Atul Giri

Producer and Songwriter

“KRA is an interdisciplinary art facilitating, fun-filled space that provides an unprecedented opportunity to the budding and established artists in Stavanger to discover and assist each other for collective and individual artistic growth.”


Live Skullerud


"KRA is a workspace and a community which offers the freedom and safety needed for young artists to explore, create and develop their artistry. KRA creates a supportive and accessible environment for curiosity, creativity and collaboration to thrive. KRA is a professional framework in which young artistic voices can nourish their dreams and ambitions, as much as it is an artistic laboratory for hard work and creative innovation. The importance of an institution such as KRA should be obvious to anyone who believes that artistic and cultural enterprises are valuable to society."

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Aurora Maria Pambianchi 


“Kra is continuously changing, into the different definitions of everyone who enters its process. It's the place to be for change, within yourself and outside, starting from your starting point”


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